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Basket white small PITTSWOOD PENS TREE LOGO giff

These stunning pens really stand out from the crowd with their beautiful intricate antique brass Celtic knot design and emerald colour cabochon and solid brass metal fittings.


The Ballpoint pen has a twist mechanism and is fitted with a Parker style refill and comes in a soft velvet drawstring pouch...

Weight 47g - Length 13cm Approx.


The Fountain pen is fitted with a medium Schmidt® iridium nib and features a magnetic cap which can also be posted. It comes with a soft velvet drawstring pouch and black ink cartridge.

Weight 58g - Length 14.5cm Approx.

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Prices                      Ballpoint             Fountain Pen

WOOD SET A            £45.00                   £55.00

WOOD SET B            £50.00                   £60.00

Please see 'The Wood' Page for the list of woods available in each set.


Save 10% when ordering both Ballpoint & Fountain Pens at the same time!

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Celtic Knot

Ballpoint and Fountain Pen