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from Wales


The English Oak I use for these pens come from Bramham Methodist church, formally a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel which was built in 1817 and is in the small English village of Bramham, Wetherby, West Yorkshire. The buiding still stands today but has now been converted into a private residence.

The village of Bramham itself goes back a long way and is mentioned in the Domesday Survey of 1086 with a population of just 68.

The Church Oak pen is available in five pen styles (see examples below).  The main image below shows a matching set of gold Mistral pens made with this wood.

Pens are supplied with a soft velvet drawstring pouch, history information sheet plus a signed certificate to accompany the pen.

Church oak wood gold Mawredd pen set £140
Church oak wood - Mawredd Rollerball and Fountain pen set £145

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Choose from 5 pen styles to go with this historic wood.

The wood used in these examples may be of other timbers.

Rollerball in gold show with olivewood


Available as a fountain pen or rollerball in gold or chrome fittings.

£75 each

Gold fountain pen


Available as a rollerball and fountain pen in gold, chrome or gunmetal fittings.

£50 each

Handturned ballpoint in SS Pegu Teak Wood


A ballpoint pen in chrome or gunmetal.

£40 each

Gunmetal ballpoint pen - Handturned wooden pen


A ballpoint pen in chrome or gunmetal.

£40 each

Handturned ballpoint pen in gold and gunmetal


A ballpoint pen in gunmetal and chrome or gunmetal and gold.

£40 each