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Wax Polyester Thread Colours Mixing leather dye experiments

All the products I make can be left in the natural colour if you wish, but I can also dye the leather, below are the Fiebings Dye colours which I have available.

These are actual photos of colour swatches I made, (colours will differ depending on your monitor settings).

I can also mix or dilute dyes to obtain colours that are not readily available.  


Please note: Natural un-dyed vegatable tanned leather is beautiful in its own right and over time it will develope a lovely dark colour and patina, the more you handle and exposed the leather to sunlight the darker it will become, this colour change is perfectly natural.

It will also darken when applying certain leather care products and treatments.

 This natural colour change will also effect the colour of dyed leather, especially lighter coloured dyes.

It is not noticable with the darker dyes.  

Fiebings Dye Colours

Mixing and diluting dyes

Pagan Wiccan Bookmark by Pittswood Leather

Example of the purple dye which I heavily diluted.

Example of a lovely sage green colour which I achieved by mixing 3 colours.

Butterfly Pound coin holder Handmade by Pittswood

Samples of mixed dyes and layering one colour on top of another

Natural veg tanned leather new and aged

Colour Charts

The image on the left shows two examples of un-dyed, natural vegatable taned leather, bottom right is new leather and top left has aged sligtly over a few months indoors.