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Hand made

Basket white small PITTSWOOD PENS TREE LOGO giff

Sheath for a Japanese trim saw

Left in natural un-dyed leather and hand stewn with blue wax thread, pyrography text and an eyelet for hanging.

Sheath for a Mora 120 carving Knife

Border stamped with embossed initials.

Dyed tan and hand sewn with cream coloured wax thread.

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Knife Sheaths

Please note that in order for me to  make a custom fitted knife sheath, I will need to have the knife present.


They are all made with veg-tanned leather and have a thick welt to protect the blade and the user!

They are hand sewn using the strong saddle stitch method and I also add protective leather patches to cover any internal metal hardware to protect the blade. All the edges of the leather are bevelled and burnished nice and smooth and the finished sheath is treated with leather conditioners.


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Sheath for a Damascus hunting knife

with a 3.75 inch blade.

With it's marble stone handle this knife was a bit top heavy so I designed and wet molded the sheath to hug the handle a bit more.

7mm thick welt, stamped border edge and two-tone dyed. Hand stitched with tan coloured waxed thread.

Sheath for a Damascus skinnner knife

with a 2.25 inch blade 

I designed this sheath to follow the curve of the antler handle and with an offset belt loop to angle it slightly when on the belt.

Dyed dark brown and hand sewn with cream coloured waxed thread to compliment the colours of the antler handle.

Neck Sheath for a Damascus skinner knife

with a 2.5 inch blade.


Custom designed and made for a client who wanted an 'inverted carry'  neck sheath.

The knife had a good finger groove and guard which provided the perfect position for a good retaining strap.  I also added stitch detail to the strap to help prevent the leather from stretching with use.


It has a 7mm thick welt which tapers slightly  towards the handle to give it a snug fit inside the sheath. It has a decorative stamped border, dyed in dark show brown and hand sewn  with cream waxed thread.

Angled belt pouch for a folding damascus knife.


This pouch was made to slide onto a belt.  The offset belt slots hold the pouch at an angle to make it easier to extract and replace the knife.

I have hand carved and tooled an oak leaf and acorn design with the background and edges dyed with fiebings tan coloured dye. Hand stewn with dark brown wax thread.