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Leatherbound Pens

Leather wrapped Ballpoints, Rollerballs and Fountain pens.


The story behind my leatherbound pens...

I came up with the idea of leatherbound pens after I had a 'light bulb' moment one evening and stemmed from my husbands beautiful handturned wooden pens.  I first searched to see if leather-bound pens were readily available but I soon found that they are very very hard to find!  I could only find a few manufacturers of mass produced bonded leather pens, more importantly, handbound leather pens are as rare as hens teeth!!


I use the same pen kit components as Kelvin, but I encase mine with real veg tanned leather which I carefully hand stitch into place.  It sounds very simple, but there is a lot more to it! It has taken many failed attempts to get closer to mastering the technique required.

I already made leather notebook and journal covers so it was really nice to also offer matching leatherbound pens to go with them.  

A truly unique item.


Below are a few examples to give an idea of what can be achieved using different dye and thread colours.  

I have also hand painted, embossed a few with a design.

Tempest Ballpoint Click Pen


Available with gold, chrome or gunmetal  fittings.


Plain £40 or with design £50


Zephyr Twist Ballpoint Pen


Available with gold, chrome or gunmetal  fittings.


Plain £35 or with design £45


Sirocco Twist Ballpoint Pen


Available with gunmetal/gold. gunmetal/chrome, Rhodium with black ti accents or

Black Ti with rhodium accents.

Plain £35 or with design £45


Omega Rollerball or Fountain pen

Chrome, Gold or Gunmetal.A Screw-capped postable pen.


Plain £40 or with design £50


Sierra ballpoint pen.

No longer available but the leather designs below can be replicated on the other pen styles.