Handturned Pens & Leathercraft

from Wales


Christine busy making a leather journal cover

All handmade and hand sewn leather goods.

Welcome to my little corner of our website. I have been leathercrafting since 2016 and love to make all sorts of leather goods.

I use 100% real leather for my products which is mostly vegetable tanned leather as this type of leather has so many design possibilities.

I hand sew every item, bevel and burnish all the edges too, although this is time consuming, I find it very therapeutic and rewarding indeed!

Below are links for 'made to order items' and also finished and 'ready to post items'.

Made to order

Made to order leather items by Christine at Pittswood Leather

All items in here are made to order so you can choose your own leather and thread colour combinations. Please visit my colour chart page to see the colours available.

If you also see and like an item or design I have previously made, I am happy to re-create it.

Natural un-dyed vegetable tanned leather is also beautiful in its own right and over time will turn into a lovely warm honey or tan colour, this is perfectly normal. Leather that has been dyed with pale or light colour may also darken slightly with age.

Ready made & Ready to ship!

Finished leather goods by Christine at Pittswood Leather

All items in here are finished leather goods I have made and are ready to purchase.