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The Mistral is truly in a class of its own with its exquisite engineering and design quality.


With four stunning implements to choose from, the Mistral offers several different set combinations. There is a Fountain pen, a Rollerball, a Ballpoint or a Mechanical pencil to choose from.  All four have Titanium Gold main components and a choice of 3 accent finishes (Titanium Gold, Brushed Gold or Rhodium) to the centre band and cabochon.


The Mechanical pencil is fitted with an excellent German engineered twist action refillable mechanism containing 0.7mm leads.


The Ballpoint pen has a superior German ‘twist’ mechanism and a black or blue parker style 'Beaufort Ink Soft & Smooth'  refill.


The Rollerball pen comes with a quality black or blue ‘Beaufort Ink’ rollerball refill that has a stainless steel tip and tungsten carbide ball.


The fountain pen has an excellent German made high quality Beaufort Ink nib and a converter which  features nickel plated stainless steel seals.


The caps on the Rollerball and Fountain pen cannot be 'posted'.


Supplied in a soft velvet drawstring pouch.

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Mistral  Pen -  Order Form

Prices                    Pencil     Ballpoint      Rollerball      Fountain Pen

WOOD SET A          £50            £60               £65                   £70

WOOD SET B          £55            £65                £70                   £75

Thuya Burl Wood          £60            £70                £75                   £80


Please see 'The Wood' Page for the list of woods available in each set.


Save 10% when ordering two or more Mistrals at the same time!

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The  Mistral

Ballpoint, Pencil, Rollerball & Fountain

Eamons Pen box for 4 Mistrals

This wonderful oak box was handmade by Eamonn especially to house four of my own Mistral pens.  The deep burgundy foam inserts really make my pens pop! Eamonn's website 'Handcrafted Pens & Artisan Gifts' can be found by clicking HERE