Handturned Pens & Leathercraft

from Wales

Pouches, Cases & Sleeves

As with all my leathercraft these are all handmade from start to finish by me in my little craft room.

These can also be embossed with a design/motif if required, examples of the designs and colour charts for leather and thread colours can be found HERE

Initials can also be added if required.

Please contact me by email to place an order or to enquire.


Small leather pouches in a variety of designs suitable for multiple uses.

Drawstring pouches, Belt pouches, Tin pouches, Coin pouches etc

Tin Pouch from £29

1oz or 2oz Tobacco tin pouch handmade in veg tanned leather  by Pittswood Leathercraft UK

These pouches can be made to fit 1oz or 2oz tobacco tins. Flap closure can have a sam brown (as shown in the above image) or press stud. These pouches are made using a firm veg tanned leather and can be fitted to a belt.

As a rough size guide:

1oz tin is 95mm x 60mm x 22mm

2oz tin is 110mm x95mmx 22mm

Optional extras: D-ring, lobster style clip and tins can also be added for a small fee.

EDC Essentials Kit from £35

Leather EDC essentials pouch ideal for mini travel sewing kit, scissors, tweezers, plasters, pencil and notepad, mini screwdriver etc

This small EDC (every day carry) essentials pouch is a handy little kit I have put together and contains a mini pencil and notepad, a pair of tweezers, a pair of mini folding scissors, a micro screwdriver (flat and phillips) ideal for repairing glasses, a mini sewing kit with needle, threads, 2 buttons and a safety pin.

All kept in a handmade 9.5cm x 6cm leather pouch with room left for you to add additional items such as plasters or nail file (not included).

Drawstring Pouch from £30

gem, stones etc. Handmade by Pittswood leather
gem, stones etc. Handmade by Pittswood leather

A small medieval style drawstring pouch made with veg tanned leather and suede. Can be used as a finds pouch, for LARP or for storing coins, runes, dice, mineral stones etc. This example is 8cm x 9cm and has a black and red diamond lattice design.

Coin pouch from £21

Slim coin pouch handmade in veg tanned leather  by Pittswood Leathercraft UK

A slim coin pouch with flap closure. Can be fitted with a sam brown (as shown in the above image) or a press stud. This example was made with firmer veg tanned leather to keep its shape and I have used two different colours (Oxblood and chocolate) for a two tone look. I have lots of leather and thread colours to choose from!

Zipped pouch from £25

Handmade zipped leather pouch ideal for holding  coins, crystals, stones, stamps etc

A small zipped pouch suitable for storing loose chainge, small crystals and other little items. The example above is approx 9x7cm and made with soft and supple black leather and hand stitched in contrasting red thread.

Small envelope style pouch from £18

Handmade leather envelope style pouch for cr

Small envelope style pouch for storing items such as business cards, credit cards, stamps etc. This example is 9x6cm and was made in soft red leather, black whip stitch detail and chrome press stud.

This pouch design could also be made with much larger dimensions to accomodate tablets and laptops.

Cases / Boxes

Generally made using stiffer veg tanned leathers to provide a more rigid structure to protect the items stored inside. Perfect for storing eyeglasses, car stereo facias, scrolled documents and pens for example.

Price from £46


Can be made for storing single pens, pencils, combes and glasses.

Prices from £18