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Hand-turned pens made from New Zealand Tawa wood which was used in the refit of the cruise liner SS Queen Of Bermuda in 1961.

The Queen of Bermuda was built in the UK by Vickers-Armstrong Shipbuilders and was a world famous luxury cruise liner known as the ‘Millionaire’s ship’.  

She ran a weekly service for the New York to Bermuda run from 1933 until World War II, where she was taken over for military service.

She survived the war and during 1947/48 she had her first major overhaul which included the removal of one of her three funnels, by February 1949 she returned to her normal duties as cruise liner.

In 1961 she was completely modernized and rebuilt again, this time her two remaining funnels were replaced with a brand new single funnel.

In November 1966, just 5 years after her second refurbishment, the company took the decision to withdraw her from service and one month later she was scrapped at Faslane on the River Clyde in Scotland.  

The Queen of Bermuda is still very fondly remembered by many of her  passengers who travelled on her.

The Queen of Bermuda pen is available in five pen styles (see examples below).  The main image below shows a pen made with this wood. Pens are supplied with a soft velvet drawstring pouch, history information sheet plus a signed certificate to accompany the pen.

Cleddyf ballpoint in Gunmetal shown here in the SS Queen of Bermuda wood. £60 each
A Cleddyf ballpoint in Gunmetal shown here in the SS Queen of Bermuda wood. £60 each

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Choose from 5 pen styles to go with this historic wood.

The wood used in these examples may be of other timbers.

Rollerball in gold show with olivewood


Available as a fountain pen or rollerball in gold or chrome fittings.

£100 each

Gold fountain pen in Olive wood


Available as a rollerball and fountain pen in gold, chrome or gunmetal fittings.

£70 each

Handturned ballpoint in SS Pegu Teak Wood


A ballpoint pen in chrome or gunmetal.

£60 each

Gunmetal ballpoint pen


A ballpoint pen in chrome or gunmetal.

£60 each

Handturned  ballpoint pen in gold and gunmetal


A ballpoint pen in gunmetal and chrome or gunmetal and gold.

£60 each