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All the woods I use for my pens come from responsible merchants that have high ethics and values regarding timber sources and are from sustainable and managed forests.


To make pricing easy, you will see each pen has two prices -  ‘Wood - Set A’  and ‘Wood - Set B’.

‘Wood Set A’ mainly consists of timbers that grow here in the UK and will have a simple grain.

‘Wood Set B’ consists of timbers that are either Exotic woods or woods with an unusual or highly figured grain.

Some pens will also be available using what I call special woods and these will be listed in the 'wood choice' drop down menu on the relevent pen pages.

Please note that as wood is a natural substance the colours and grains will vary.  The wood may also mellow and change colour with age.


My pens can be made with any wood, but I have listed below a good selection for each set, however, if you have a special piece of wood you would like me to use for your pen or from another wood not listed here please contact me and I'll do my best.


For more information on wood characteristics, please visit the excellent online 'Wood Database'


New...  'Pittswood Pens with Provenance'  These pens are made with wood that has a historical or interesting background!  These really give my pens extra character and charm as well as a great talking point!

Wood - Set A

Wood - Set B

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