Meet the Makers.....

We are a husband and wife team of hobby crafters and we make hand-turned pens (made by Kelvin) and leathercraft goodies (made by Christine). We make all our items at home in South Wales, UK.

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Pen Maker

Kelvin at his lathe turning a pen

Above: Kelvin, at his wood lathe turning a pen body. 

Kelvin started woodturning in 2015 after he built a garden workshop in preparation for his retirement. At first, he intended to concentrate on making wooden Nautilus shells, but on reading an article on pen turning he purchased a woodturning lathe and decided to make pens as well!


Kelvin has a special interest in using reclaimed woods that have a historic or interesting background or have an sentimental connection to the customer. This really adds your own personal character and charm to the pen.

He has a small collection of wood for these 'special pens'  or 'Pens with Provenance' as he likes to call them, but if you have your own 'special' piece of timber that you'd like him to make a pen out of, please do let him know.

A Beautiful hand-turned fountain pen in Thuya burl wood by Pittswood Pens in South Wales U

A beautiful fountain pen in Thuya Burl wood.

Handturned Fountain pen and rollerball pen set in cross cut English Yew wood_

A stunning pen set in cross-cut English Yew wood.

Handmade wooden Nautilus shell in spalted Beech by Pittswood Pens.jpg

Above: One of Kelvin's beautiful hand made nautilus shells. This one is made with spalted beech wood.  



Christine busy making a leather journal cover

Above: Me, at my very small work station, making an embossed leather journal cover for a B6 365 Stalogy notebook. 

I absolutely fell in love with leathercraft back in 2016 after Kelvin asked me to make a simple zipped pouch for his keys. That was the first time I had worked with leather and I was hooked from that moment on! Since then I have made all sorts of leather items, from little key fobs to large laptop bags and woodturner aprons. There is one thing I have learned about leathercraft, and that is there are so many processes to go through to make a product that it keeps you interested from start to finish, so you never get bored!

I do everything by hand, including the sewing which is done with the traditional saddle stitch method (sewing with two needles on one thread), this produces a superior hand made quality product that is much stronger than machined leather goods.

Pittswood Leather Black and tan laptop satchel bag - Saddle stitch detail.jpg

I hand stitch all my leather work

Handmade leather bag and matching purse set

This was the first bag I designed and made for myself back in 2016, shown here with a matching purse.

I call this the 'Lattice bag' as it reminds me of the salmon lattice pies.

Each square was cut out by hand with a craft knife!
All my leather goods are hand dyed and hand stitched by myself.

"We both hope you enjoy browsing through our website and if you have any enquiries please send us a message via our contact page, we'd love to hear from you!".