Colour Charts & Motif Designs

Below are the thread and dye colours plus embossing motifs for custom made orders. Initials can also be added.

Please note; colours will differ slightly due to different monitor settings

Wax Thread Colours


Leather Dye Colours

All the products I make can be left natural (un-dyed) if you wish or I can dye the leather. Below are the Fiebings Dye colours which I have available. I sometimes also mix colours for some of my projects so if you see a colour you like that is not shown below, just let me know.

These are actual photos of colour swatches I made, (colours will differ depending on your monitor settings).  

Please note: Natural un-dyed vegetable tanned leather is beautiful in its own right and over time it will turn from a pale cream colour to a lovely tan, this colour change is perfectly natural and unavoidable.  Leather that has been dyed with a light or pale colour will also darken slightly.


Embossing Motif Stamps

These are some of my embossing stamps along with their sizes. I am always adding stamps to my collection so please ask if you are looking for something not shown below.