Dunham Massey Pen

Handturned historic wooden pens by Pittswood Pens.jpg


The wood I use for these pens is called 'Lucombe Oak' and comes  from the grounds of Dunham Massey Estate in Cheshire, England.


Dunham Massey is a large country estate with 300 acres of land with a large collection of ancient trees which date back to medieval times. The deer park goes back even further in history to the 1300's.


Lucombe Oak is a large semi-evergreen tree and is a Hybrid between Turkey and Cork Oak.


The Dunham Massey pen is available in five pen styles (see examples below).  


Pens are supplied with a soft velvet drawstring pouch, history information sheet plus a signed certificate to accompany the pen.

To place an order simply choose from the 5 pen styles shown below and send me an email with your choice of pen(s) and plating option.

(The wood used in these examples may be of other timbers).

Hand-turned Rollerball and fountain pen set in old church Oak wood by Pittswood Pens in So

The Mawredd

Available as a fountain pen or rollerball in gold or chrome fittings.


£80 each

Handturned Fountain pen and rollerball pen set in cross cut English Yew wood.

The Cynon

Available as a rollerball and fountain pen in gold, chrome or gunmetal fittings.


£55 each

Handturned ballpoint in SS Pegu Teak Wood.jpg

The Elfyn

A ballpoint pen in gunmetal with chrome accents or gunmetal with gold accents.


£45 each

The Cleddyf ballpoint  Pen with Rhondda tunnel track key wood.jpg

The Cleddyf

A ballpoint pen in gold, chrome or gunmetal.


£45 each

Handturned Ballpoint pen in gold and gunmetal.jpg

The Seren

A ballpoint pen in gunmetal and chrome or gunmetal and gold.


£45 each