Handmade Leather Goods

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All my leather goods are handmade by myself using genuine quality leather, I do not use bonded or faux leathers. I also hand sew every item I make using the traditional saddle stitch method which produce a high quality hand made product.

Items are made to order, however, I sometimes have finished items in stock ready to purchase so if you need something quick  please do not hesitate to drop me an email.
Items which are made to order can be made with your chosen leather and thread colour combinations.
Please visit my colour chart page)

Natural (un-dyed) vegetable tanned leather is also beautiful in its own right and over time will turn a lovely warm tan colour.

Please also note; leathers that have been dyed with pale or light colours will also darken slightly with age.


At the moment I can only take orders via email and payment can be made via bank transfer or PayPal.  


Leather Bags & pouches handmade by Pittswood leathercraft



Leather pens handbound by Pittswood Leathercraft

Notebook &

Journal Covers

Leather Notebook & Journal covers by Pittswood Leather

Belts &

Utility Straps

Leather Belts and straps handmade by Pittswood Leathercraft

Watch Straps

Leather Watch Straps

Fun & Games

Leather masks and other fun items handmade by Pittswood Leather



Leather travel accessories handmade by Pittswood Leathercraft

Wallets &

Card Holders

Leather wallets and card holders handmade by Pittswood Leathercraft

Keyrings &

Key cases

Leather Key fobs and cases handmade by Pittswood Leathercraft

Small Pouches, Cases & Sleeves

Leather pen sleeves, cases and glasses cases by Pittswood Leathercraft

SD Card &

Coin holders

Leather SD Card and coin holders handmade by Pittswood Leathercraft


Leather bookmarks handmade by Pittswood Leathercraft

Dog Collars

Leather dog collars