Ben Nevis Whisky Pen 

Handturned whisky wood pens by Pittswood Pens.jpg

One for the Whisky Connoisseur!


As you have probably already guessed, the wood used to make these pens comes from the oak staves of genuine used Whisky barrels from the Ben Nevis distillery.


Some pens may inevitably have areas of staining and dark flecks (as can be seen in the above photo). As you can imagine the oak used for these pens would also have been used to hold Bourbon or Sherry before life as a whisky barrel. This all adds character, history and patination to the pens.

My Whisky pens can be finished with a durable coating or, if you’d prefer a more natural finish with a light waxed coating as the wood does have a subtle aroma of Whisky!  However, over time they will inevitably loose their lovely scent..


The Whisky wood pen is available in five pen styles (see examples below).  The image at the top of the page shows a pen made with Whisky oak wood, however, that pen style is no longer available please choose from the ones listed below).


Pens are supplied with a soft velvet drawstring pouch and a signed certificate to accompany the pen.

Hand-turned twist action ballpoint pen made from Ben Nevis whisky oak wood.

To place an order simply choose from the 5 pen styles shown below and send me an email with your choice of pen(s) and plating option.

(The wood used in these examples may be of other timbers).

Hand-turned Rollerball and fountain pen set in old church Oak wood by Pittswood Pens in So

The Mawredd

Available as a fountain pen or rollerball in gold or chrome fittings.


£80 each

Handturned Fountain pen and rollerball pen set in cross cut English Yew wood.

The Cynon

Available as a rollerball and fountain pen in gold, chrome or gunmetal fittings.


£55 each

Handturned ballpoint in SS Pegu Teak Wood.jpg

The Elfyn

A ballpoint pen in gunmetal with chrome accents or gunmetal with gold accents.


£45 each

The Cleddyf ballpoint  Pen with Rhondda tunnel track key wood.jpg

The Cleddyf

A ballpoint pen in gold, chrome or gunmetal.


£45 each

Handturned Ballpoint pen in gold and gunmetal.jpg

The Seren

A ballpoint pen in gunmetal and chrome or gunmetal and gold.


£45 each